Southern Cross
Vineyard Church

A place to investigate God’s Love

We hope that you find God’s love at Southern Cross Vineyard Church

Southern Cross Vineyard Church is a place were we are learning to receive and experience God’s love and also extend that love to the community in which we live.

We are a casual group but we are also intentional. Our style is casual; we dress casual, and we are not regimented to a format  but intentional about loving God and loving others.

At Southern Cross Vineyard Church we love God through worship eg. singing songs that are culture-current, hearing about God’s love by what He said in the Bible and love others by doing acts of kindness.

How did SouthernCross come to be?  

John and Paula's storyThe Vineyard Story

Who is the Vineyard Church, were else are they, and were did they come from?  

Southern Cross Vineyard was planted by John and Paula Watson who came to Newcastle after spending 10 years in Sydney at Sans Souci Vineyard before that they travelled overseas for 12 months......

There are Vineyard churches in most capital cites in Australia.  Vineyard churches are also found in many other parts of the world. Places like England, .........