Southern Cross
Vineyard Church

“Southern Cross Vineyard Church has a casual environment where we expect to engage with God”

At Southern Cross Vineyard we want to focus more on being a community.

 We want it to be a place were you can let God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) love you. As God loves us then we being to love Him back and also love others.

At Southern Cross Vineyard we want to let God have control of His church so we give space and time to see what God wants to do.

On Sunday’s as we meet we want to give space and time to allow  God to speak to us. This is because we believe  that God wants to love us.

At the Vineyard we love to worship and at Southern Cross we are no different. So worshiping God is important to us. Part of our worship is by singing songs that are cultural current.

What God says to us through the bible is important. So after a time of worship we hear biblical teaching.

After a time of teaching we want to give room for God to speak personally to us and have space for us to respond.

We are intentional yet we are lay-back when it comes to the format of the service.   

So what does this look like?